Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Latest Etsy Haul

So I did an order from a few sellers on Etsy! 

I'll start with my personalized wipes case and travel wipes combo made by CrystalCreations108

These Wipe Bits and Breast Pads are from Wee Essentials!

So many layers per pad! They also have PUL, so you are significantly less likely to leak THROUGH. She also makes reusuable pads, and I am especially interested in the after labor pad she offers!

Smells better than I thought when I chose my scent. She offers a LOT of scents, Click Here to see the options!

I did 3 cups of water, and 3 wipe bits. I heated them up, and shook in my mason jar. Airtight seal! Also this mixture hasn't separated since I made it, which my homemade wipe cloths solution always needs shaken before use!

I use this solution with my cloth wipes I bought from Tender Bottoms (previously mentioned here...).

I got this from  My Lil Luv Bug Boutique!

Medium Soap Bits: $7
Breast Pads: $4/pair
Wipes Cases: $21.19 (for both)
Burp Cloth: $9
(*these prices do not include shipping)

Monday, August 13, 2012


I have returned from New Orleans. The trip isn't as extravagant as it may seem, it's only 1.5 hours away. I usually go down there to shop and come back. The reason this trip was such a big deal, is because it is the first time that the Husb and I were 100% kid free for 3 days on our own since we met. We didn't have a honeymoon, and between his work schedule and schedule with his kids, in combination with my life, it just never happened. Of course, we aren't loaded so that doesn't help either. Regardless we had a lot of fun. For some reason we didn't take a single picture, probably because we've seen our surroundings so many times, and we were busy otherwise.

We ate out the entire time, and even went South to visit my Aunt&Uncle for the evening. Most importantly, we spent time alone together. It was fantastic.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


So far it's been fun! I haven't taken any pictures, and that's partially because we've been here so many time that it's just routine. We did head over to Zuka Baby and get "wee wee" blankets, a cloth diaper, Charlie's Soap, and liners. I'll do a full recap when we get home. I'll also attempt photos today 😉

Thursday, August 9, 2012


This is $100 worth of lipstick (4 tubes). All bought at very different times. This is why I should keep a swatch gallery of my inventory on my phone while out shopping. There are essentially 2 shades here, but I bought a double of each. I feel so dumb now. Especially since I have the 2nds in a price that is half of the 1st. This was part of my light pink phase. Luckily one brand, MAC, has a wonderful recycling program. Now on, I'm taking photos of everything I have so I don't make the mistake or waste money again!

Do you ever buy something so similar that it's a blatant waste of money?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Diaper Junction Giveaway!

(to go to the website and enter!)

The Feed Your Stash Friday giveaway this week is for 2 Rumparooz OneSize Pocket Diapers with snaps, in 2 colors of your choosing! That's a $47 value! I personally have been very interested in Rumparooz, but I hesitated and went with some I knew worked before or heard directly about. Although these diapers come with the double leg gussets, which I about died when I saw. I may be needing a few of these...

I have, almost, exclusively bought my diapering necessities from Diaper Junction. It's my preferred site, but I did stray and shop at CottonBabies one time because the DJ was out of the prefolds I had to have right then (baby Clark is due in October, so maybe I was online shopping needy!).

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Things like this are what make the Husb wonderful:

Husb introduced me to this wonderfulness while we were still dating. Mind you, Husb can eat an ENTIRE GALLON of chocolate ice cream in one sitting. He knows his chocolates. This bar looks like something boring, and I would never even notice it on a PMS scrounge of the candy isle. Luckily, he found it whenever, and he brought it by. Thank you.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Here is the bedding I will be using for baby Clark!
I also included a snapshot from to see the full effect. As far as furniture, I think we're going to purchase a cheaper dresser and changing table and paint it (baby safe paint) to match, as opposed to purchasing the way overpriced set that goes with my crib. The last picture, with my fingers in a hook, is the "comforter" part of the set. I love that it came with that already sewn, so it's ready to hang!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


I have recently recovered from the flu, but have a longstanding battle with a sore throat still. On an exciting note, I now have 12 BumGenius diapers, 6 Freetime and 6 4.0's! I am still waiting on my newborn pre-fold set from Diaper Junction, since the unbleached fabric was on backorder (since early July).

As soon as I hear back, I guess I will be returning to work. I figure two months of work, can only financially help. If not, it can at least replace a day of work for the Husb, because it is excessive for him to be working 6 days a week. We shall see.

My mother will be coming to visit the end of next month, which is exciting! I need help getting things ready for the baby, but when the Husb is at work every day, I hate to ask him to paint on his one day off. Although I think next weekend we're going to go to New Orleans for a day/night and just hang out. A date event, and I will definitely check out Zuka Baby while I am there, haven't been in a long time!

I did something today that I haven't done in ages. I bought make up, it may of been just mascara and two NYX Jumbo Pencils, but still. It was refreshing, and it had been too long. I forget how nice it feels to look nice or try to at least. Of course with this wonderful hormonal acne, it's hard to feel pretty. Meh.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


We celebrated the husb's birthday with his family on Tuesday. But prior to that we made burgers, fries and gizzards. Yes. Gizzards. I did the burgers, and he made his homemade fries. Then he made himself fried gizzards.

You pretty much have to love fried food to live in the South. I'm dying for some Thai food, personally!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Nothing exciting happened this weekend, other than celebrating the husbands birthday on Saturday. He drinks twice a year, so we went out. It was nice seeing everyone, even though I was very tired and water isn't as much fun!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Leg Cramps

The other morning I woke up with my leg throbbing. Turns out I was awoken by a pregnancy induced leg cramp. It was so bad that I couldn't remember which way to flex to make it stop (at 5am). So this was the longest leg cramp. Ever. This cramp has had lasting effects, as I've been dragging my leg for a few days now. It has gotten better, but it honestly wouldn't flex properly. And google led me to find interesting helpful hints...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby Wipes

I recently decided to try cloth wipes. I have a baby boy on the way, and one that just refuses to potty train. I figured that since I am cloth diapering baby Clark from birth, cloth wipes might as well go with the wash cycle (money $ cycle too!).

I searched the web for a good price o wipes, many many diaper sites. Normally I found some for ridiculous prices and for only a few wipes. I then creeped Etsy and found an amazing deal! 30 wipes for $10, it's almost unheard of! I bought two packs, so now I am loaded up on 60 wipes for only $20. The Etsy store I purchased these at is called "Tender Bottoms". The wipes feel very soft, and I know that after a round in the washer with Charlie's Soap, they'll be perfect. The store was also kind enough to put in wipes solution recipes! Also I ordered these Friday morning and they were here this Monday!

*posting from mobile, so the pictures will be out of order, sorry!