Monday, August 13, 2012


I have returned from New Orleans. The trip isn't as extravagant as it may seem, it's only 1.5 hours away. I usually go down there to shop and come back. The reason this trip was such a big deal, is because it is the first time that the Husb and I were 100% kid free for 3 days on our own since we met. We didn't have a honeymoon, and between his work schedule and schedule with his kids, in combination with my life, it just never happened. Of course, we aren't loaded so that doesn't help either. Regardless we had a lot of fun. For some reason we didn't take a single picture, probably because we've seen our surroundings so many times, and we were busy otherwise.

We ate out the entire time, and even went South to visit my Aunt&Uncle for the evening. Most importantly, we spent time alone together. It was fantastic.

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