Saturday, July 28, 2012


I have recently recovered from the flu, but have a longstanding battle with a sore throat still. On an exciting note, I now have 12 BumGenius diapers, 6 Freetime and 6 4.0's! I am still waiting on my newborn pre-fold set from Diaper Junction, since the unbleached fabric was on backorder (since early July).

As soon as I hear back, I guess I will be returning to work. I figure two months of work, can only financially help. If not, it can at least replace a day of work for the Husb, because it is excessive for him to be working 6 days a week. We shall see.

My mother will be coming to visit the end of next month, which is exciting! I need help getting things ready for the baby, but when the Husb is at work every day, I hate to ask him to paint on his one day off. Although I think next weekend we're going to go to New Orleans for a day/night and just hang out. A date event, and I will definitely check out Zuka Baby while I am there, haven't been in a long time!

I did something today that I haven't done in ages. I bought make up, it may of been just mascara and two NYX Jumbo Pencils, but still. It was refreshing, and it had been too long. I forget how nice it feels to look nice or try to at least. Of course with this wonderful hormonal acne, it's hard to feel pretty. Meh.

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