Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Latest Etsy Haul

So I did an order from a few sellers on Etsy! 

I'll start with my personalized wipes case and travel wipes combo made by CrystalCreations108

These Wipe Bits and Breast Pads are from Wee Essentials!

So many layers per pad! They also have PUL, so you are significantly less likely to leak THROUGH. She also makes reusuable pads, and I am especially interested in the after labor pad she offers!

Smells better than I thought when I chose my scent. She offers a LOT of scents, Click Here to see the options!

I did 3 cups of water, and 3 wipe bits. I heated them up, and shook in my mason jar. Airtight seal! Also this mixture hasn't separated since I made it, which my homemade wipe cloths solution always needs shaken before use!

I use this solution with my cloth wipes I bought from Tender Bottoms (previously mentioned here...).

I got this from  My Lil Luv Bug Boutique!

Medium Soap Bits: $7
Breast Pads: $4/pair
Wipes Cases: $21.19 (for both)
Burp Cloth: $9
(*these prices do not include shipping)

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